How many ways can I say THANK YOU! Thank you so much Thierry, my amazing and wonderful husband for your love, support and inspiration!  I want to take time and space to say thank you to some fantastic musicians for their precious and brilliant performances on this project… Ross Bolton, Norberto Fimpel, Mike Finnigan. Thank you guys soooo much. I am truly grateful for your time, talent and efforts! My sincere Thanks and gratitude to The Goddess, Jezabella and Marc at Fertility Records. YOU TWO SIMPLY ROCK! James “Bonzai” Caruso, you are the absolute best… thank you so much. I am eternally grateful for your amazing talent and precious time. Special thanks to Patrice Vigier and Vigier Guitars, DR Stings, and Eden Amps. Scott Parker, Soleh Brewer, masters of funk, I owe you guys a debt of gratitude for your amazing work on Groove Mastery, so sorry I missed the first opportunity!!!!;-) Thanks for your love and support, Vera Starks, otherwise known as Mommie, Margie, Roy, Ellis, Michael, Stan, Geno, Joe, Ray, Nick, Nikki, Jack, Mike, Vivian, Norbert, Alessio Rebeccu, Claude Rebeccu, Ellia Rebeccu, Leo Rebeccu, Mattis, Luca and AllessioPichard, Nora and Christophe Rebeccu, Natalie Rebeccu, J.P. and Graziella Rebeccu.  





We appologize... the Lune D'argent album, CD5 is currently out of stock!  Please go the "Music Download" page to download the music instead. Thanks!


Bass Players, KeEp tHe GRoOvE!