Welcome to the Groove Mastery page... bassists welcome.  Here you'll find all the information regarding my book, Groove Mastery, the bassist guide to rhythm, time and feel; ie, what it's about, why you Need to buy it, where to buy it. For more information you can also go to www.groovemastery.com. 

Groove Mastery is available for purchase all over the world.  Here are a few links where you can go to order it directly online.  

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If you prefer to buy it off the shelf, it is also availble at Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Musicians Institute Student Store and other local music store.  You can call ahead to your neighborhood music and ask if they have it in stock.



Your Most Passionate Expression of Feeling Time Through Playing Your Instrument. What is being in the groove? Though individual rhythm instruments have individual jobs to perform, when each is in the groove, they sound and feel like one instrument; It’s that place in a musical performance where every note, every lick, of every instrument, just fits perfectly in that performance. It’s the ability of a musician to be a team player and create the best feel for that a particular piece of music. Here’s one way to look it. Think about the vinyl recordings that hip-hop DJs use. When you set the stylus onto the vinyl, it settles down perfectly into the “Groove” of that vinyl recording in order to play the contents. The only way the contents on the vinyl will be heard is if the stylus sits perfectly in this Groove. If the arm holding the stylus is too light, the arm will skip all the way across the record and the music will not play. If the stylus is to heavy, it will damage the vinyl recording; there has to be a perfect fit to create the desired result. Think of your playing as the stylus and the music you are to perform as the vinyl recording. When your playing fits perfectly into the music that is being played, consider yourself “In The Groove.” Does your playing measure up?

Your Groove... its the most important part of your playing and every successful rhythm musician, especially the bassist, has to have a handle on this one. So, after you've worked on technique, scales, modes, soling, theory, slapping, etc., add the finishing touch and get groovin! The concepts in this program were developed as a result of many years of teaching live playing workshops, groove workshops, private lessons, and live playing and recording. Here you will find everything you need to get you on your way to grooving like the pros.

*Remember...Your Groove – if it’s not as good as sex, you're just not doing it right!*

Here's a look at  what you'll find inside the book.  



Chapter 1: Developing Your Feel for Time
    Chapter 2: Laying Back
    Chapter 3: Building Your Foundation
    Chapter 4: Listening
    Chapter 5: Technique
    Chapter 6: Practicing
    Chapter 7: Phrasing
    Chapter 8: Straight Feel and Swing Feel
    Chapter 9: Ghost Notes
    Chapter 10: Make It More Interesting

With this book and CD package you'll learn how to groove like the masters. The CD has 47 play along tracks and is full of valuable information that you will be able to use throughout you career.   Develop the groove monster within with the accompanying CD, including tracks with many extended jams for you to groove along with. Written in standard notation only (no TAB). 56 pages.


Bass Players, KeEp tHe GRoOvE!